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October 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Today's blog is going to be a little shorter than recent posts……consider it more of a "heads up" or an FYI instead of the previous photo shoot or image storylines.

As a purchaser and end user of equipment or a process, I’m always looking for reviews of potential new gear/equipment purchases and instructional articles or videos on how to do something. It may be photographic related or something I may use in my personal life. I have no doubt, like me, you have experienced times where hours of endless web and YouTube searches have resulted in nothing remotely close to what you were looking for or needed....or if you actually find that product or service listed in the search, the results are of little use or of poor quality.

At those moments, I have often thought maybe I should write my own review or instruction piece in this blog. Why I actually haven’t done it is really a mystery because I’ve have written the occasional review on product I’ve purchased online. I’ve even considered doing a YouTube channel. Who knows? It could happen.

So, I finally decided it was time to do it, to put my thoughts and opinions out there and blog about them.

Coming up soon, I’ll be reviewing products and services on a varying range of topics, some photography related, some not. You may even be surprised on some of the items/topics chosen to review. Of course, as I’m a photographer, images will be included, along with any disclosure if the product/service was purchased by me or provided or loaned by a company or individual. With that said, I want to state that my thoughts and opinions will be unbiased and not influenced by anyone or anything. If a company offers to sponsor a blog entry, the blog will still be a “warts and all” review.

Now please note, the thoughts, ramblings and opinions on any product/services included in my blog entries, their use and effectiveness, are simply that, my thoughts and opinions, on how they work for me and my needs. These thoughts and opinions should not be taken as a definitive result of the product’s effectiveness and usability and are not intended to sway your decisions one way or another. My needs may not be your needs or you may prefer a different product's method of use - it's user interface for example. My reviews, thoughts and comments will hopefully be informative and are offered so that they may help you in your search and to help you be informed how different people find them useful ... or not.


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