What's coming in 2022 !

December 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hi, I just wanted to post a little update on the end of 2021 what's coming to the blog in 2022.

As 2021 comes to a close, we have recently added links to the products we have reviewed. These links are accessible by clicking the word HERE in the specific section of each review. Clicking on HERE will take you to an Amazon Affiliate link where you will find the item. Affiliate links allow us as content creators and bloggers to direct you (our audience) to the reviewed item's Amazon product page (or any associated item recommendation). In turn, any small amount of monetary help some of the links may bring, will help us to continue to access more items to review in the blog. So, if you'd like us to review more products and you'd like to get yourself or a loved one an item being reviewed, using the affiliate links to do so would be greatly appreciated. We are also trying to get coupon codes for you to get some discount off the price of the products we review. If we get a coupon code, we'll be sure to add it in the review.

For 2022, we'll be adding more topics and subject matter to the blog content. We have upcoming items I'm sure you'll find exciting and entertaining along with more products from brands we've reviewed already.

One of the new additions for 2022 will be a new blog series. "A beginner learns to play the guitar," which will feature my struggle (lol) as I learn to play the guitar after decades of procrastination and self doubt. We will be complementing the guitar blog series with what will be a new venture, and I'm sure it will be a real adventure for us...a YouTube channel!  "The Bourne Review" will air on YouTube sometime in January 2020 with the guitar series along with video featuring new topics and exciting products...plus video reviews of the products already featured in the blog. So, stay tuned for an exciting and busy 2022.


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