Future Blog subjects

October 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A little update with reference to our last blog and some of the content coming in future blogs.

One of the subjects we'll be covering is Emergency Preparedness. No, not for the zombie apocalypse, not yet anyway.

As we are based in East Texas, we have endured our fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms that play havoc with essential services such as power and communications. The inevitable loss of power and communications not only have an adverse effect on business but more importantly on our home life and our physical health. The effects on local and state infrastructure and the loss of these essential services, be it for a few hours or worse, days or weeks, not having some kind of contingency plan(s), can be devastating. Having a plan and back up resources for such eventuality is vitally important.

We'll be looking at and reviewing some products that can help take away some of the stress and worry during emergencies. We'll be looking at alternatives to communications, power and forms of personal protection from the elements and other unwanted sources.

Most of the topics and the equipment that'll be used and discussed in these blogs will be new to us. It'll be interesting to see how difficult or easy the processes, usefulness and effectiveness of these products will be.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot, about the whole process and myself.


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