Image Review: Jaguar XK E-Type

January 23, 2018  •  2 Comments

In today’s blog, we look at one of the British automotive icons from the 1960’s….the Jaguar XK E-Type. Made popular by scores of 60’s fashion models, film stars and sports personalities, this sleek looking car has become popular the world over. This particular example was captured during a marathon shoot of vintage cars at the incredible facility at Old Iron Works in Montgomery, Texas. 

This particular shot was to be one of those where you set up the shot, the lighting is ready to go, the image is framed perfectly, everything is ready. What happened next was an innocent movement that changed the whole look and perspective of the shot…...for the better !

I had in my mind, the Jaguar being captured from the front. Its bug eye headlights and basking shark type mouth prominent and the beam of our studio lights following the lines of the shoulders of the vehicle. Everything was ready. A final check through the viewfinder and I was ready to take the shot.

However, just as I was about to clear the car area, my shooting partner/assistant (wife Brenda) was also looking at options for shot angles and opened the doors wide, in turn, creating the winged Jaguar look. My first thoughts were “????”  my shot ?!!.....err…..hang on a minute (insert smile !!)

What followed was a rethink of the shot and the realization that this alternative was a shot with far more impact, more visually exciting and complimentary to the lines of the Jaguar. It was one of those moments where the spark from two creative minds go off at the same time, creating something better than what was first imagined. There are many times where we have our individual “visions” for a shot and those where we collaborate on our ideas.

On this occasion, an innocent action created a far more visually creative result.


Image Info: Nikon D7100, Nikkor 17-55 @ 23mm, 1/250 @ f/22.      Lighting: Dynalite Baja B4's, Cheetahstand Strip boxes, Kupo stands


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