Emergency Preparedness: The ER10 Emergency Alert AM FM Weather Radio by Midland USA

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I recently reviewed the ER210 E+READY® Compact Emergency Crank Wx Radio by Midland USA for our Emergency Preparedness blog. A very capable, useful piece of equipment that can be appreciated by so many, and used in so many different fields. The backpacker, the adventurer, the prepper, the student and even the homebodies out there.

To complement their emergency line of products, Midland USA have introduced the ER210’s newer and littler sibling…the ER10 Emergency Alert AM FM Weather Radio.

The ER10 is small in general size compared to the ER210. It may have a few less features but it is by no means a less capable radio. It retains the brilliant NOAA National Weather Alert system, clock, AM/FM radio frequencies, LED Flashlight with Hi/Lo/Strobe capability, a headphone jack and the easily seen bright red case coloring. It is powered by 3 AA batteries (included). The crank option and rechargeable battery option on the ER-210 are omitted but it allows the ER10 to be considerably smaller and more compact. The ER10 will fit easily into a purse, coat or backpack pocket and even in a cargo pant pocket. Radio reception is on par with the bigger ER-210 and the user interface is the same, making transitioning from one radio to the other a breeze. Its size is reminiscent of the little transistor radios from when I was a young boy (many years ago).  

I would occasionally carry the ER-210 during my trips out of town, just in case something happened and I would need vital safety information. Since receiving the ER10, I find myself carrying and using it daily. Its smaller size is a bonus and its features are equally enjoyable as the bigger ER-210, so much that I now leave the ER-210 packed in my emergency communication hard case along with the Midland USA GXT1000VP4 radios, ready for the next power outage/disaster.

The ER10 should be an everyday carry item for everyone. Mobile phones are now so much a part of everyday life but their form, function and infrastructure can be fragile in so many ways. Having local news and local emergency weather information available and at hand is often ignored or dismissed. Carry one of the brilliant little ER10 Emergency Alert AM FM Weather Radios with you and when that moment we all hope doesn’t happen, happens…..you’ll be glad you have it with you.  

You can find the bigger Midland ER210 Emergency Alert AM FM Weather Radio HERE through our Amazon affiliate link.



NOAA Weather Radio with Alert – delivers visual and audio alerts

LED High/Lo Beam Flashlight w/ SOS strobe

AM/FM Radio with Digital Clock

Headphone jack

Wrist Lanyard

Compact Size: 5" x 3" x 1.2"

Includes 3 Midland AA Batteries


In The Box


  • ER10 Radio
  • 3 AA Midland Batteries
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Owner's Manual




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