Book Cover Design Image Sales Information



These are the most frequently asked questions, but if you need more information at any time, just contact us.


The image file you purchase will include full international usage rights for one book and associated marketing materials. The book title to be associated with the purchased image must be specified in the usage agreement.


What are the fees for your images?

Our fees are based on industry standards.  The image file is provided royalty free for the first 5000 copies (all ebook, paperback, hardcover and audio versions). Copies over 5000 are subject to a $0.25 fee per copy (all ebook, paperback, hardcover and audio versions).

We are flexible in our approach, and always try to tailor fees to client’s specific budgets.

For us to give you a fee quote on greater or lesser numbers, you will need to tell us usage details such as circulation/print run, territory etc.


Can I have a Fee Agreement?

You can have a fixed Fee Agreement based on your licence requirements. These will save you time and help with project budgeting. For more details, just contact us.  


How do I pay for an image?

When you place your order for an electronic image, please include the following information in the “additional note to merchant” section, which is just below the order total:

Your name:

Email address:

Telephone number: 

Mailing address (for a hard copy of the usage agreement):

Upon receipt of full payment and your signed agreement, the full resolution, watermark free image file will be delivered to the provided email address submitted at checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact us before placing your order.

Any issues with product delivery must be reported to Bourne Creative within 24 hours of ordering so that any issues may be remedied in a timely and satisfactory manner.